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Configuration – The Celebration of Human


G13 Gallery proudly to host its annual thematic exhibition entitled ‘Configuration’, a fourth edition adding to the series. The exhibition will run on

10th  October – 24th October 2015 with an opening reception on Saturday, 10th October, from 8.00 p.m onward. ‘Configuration’ featuring new

artworks from Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines artists, each with their distinctive style, to explore the oldest known subject; human figure.

The line of participant artist in the exhibition, namely are Arif Fauzan Othman, Amar Shahid, Arik Wibowo, Chong Soon Leong, Gan Sze Hooi,

Gan Tee Sheng, Nik Hazri, Nik Shazmie, Safar Zin, Siund Tan,  Yuki Tham , Azhar Horo, Putu Purwa, S.Dwi Stya (Acong) and Tristram Miravalles

mixed of young and experienced, set as current crop of exciting artists.


The figurative art in art history linked to the oldest tradition of art making. Since ancient civilization, the subject of a human body going through

different interpretation and backdrop from the resonance perspective of religious to the portrayal of everydayness in urban landscape. 

While the contemporary approaches might open up to further discussion, figurative art inexhaustibly fascinates artist alike. As the title,

‘Configuration’, literally translate as ‘an arrangement of parts or elements in a particular form, figure, or combination’, the exhibition intended

to yield a range of attitudes tackling the subject of figurative against a miscellany of each individual artists.


Figurative art never shy away from reconstruction of modern outlook. As Malaysian art consistently going through changes, the artistic

impulses in each artists' work influenced by the dichotomy of cultural lapse. The exhibition presenting the wide range of stylistic

approaches from Realism to Surrealism, and, Expressionism to Pop Art – all the more distinctively present an understanding towards

 Western art historical canon. Profoundly, reconciliation of East and West producing an exciting prospect of modernity against the Malaysian

sociocultural background.


While the exhibition purportedly traded in figurative art theme, nevertheless it resonate the thumping effort to promote Malaysian talents in

face of contemporary art. With such globalization has taken its toll beyond the traditional virtue, art has move away from the Western

institutionalization. An inevitable of art to thrive in such peripheral sphere evidenced of such phenomena. The artworks may show an intricacies

of artist’ reality, as being in the diverse subjectivity, from the issues of identity to cosmic revelation, is all encompassed to celebrate human for humanity.


For more information, please call 03- 7880 0991 or log on to www.g13gallery.com for latest updates.


Exhibition period        : 10th – 24th  October 2015

Opening Reception    : 10th October 2015, 8pm


Venue                         : G13 Gallery, GL13,Ground Floor, Block B, Kelana Square, Jalan SS7/26,

    47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor. (behind Paradigm Mall)

Exhibition hour            : Open daily : 11am – 5pm (Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday)

Email                           : info@g13gallery.com

Website                       : www.g13gallery.com

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