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We r Gen Y – Group Exhibition


G13 gallery is proudly presents Gen-Y, a group exhibition featuring 10 young artists. Gen-Y is a group of emerging artists that demands attention and recognition from

the eye of the public.  The group exhibition seeks to showcase the strength and talent of the newcomers in the local art scene.


Gen-Y line up is comprised of a mixture of newcomers; Ismail Awi, Raimi Sani, Syed Fakaruddin and regular emerging artists who has already exhibited in the past

exhibition with G13 gallery; Chayanin Kwangkaew, Choon Soon Leong, Heikal Taki, Nik Shazmie, Safar Zin, Yuki Tham. The newcomers are no strangers to the

local art scene themselves as they have been actively exhibiting in various art galleries. This group exhibition denotes their first collaboration with G13 gallery.

G13 gallery has always been supportive in acknowledging local talents.


Although lacking years of experience in the field, they strived to produce artworks worthy of public’s attention through the implementation of various styles and the

ideas being brought forth. There is a saying that goes “age is a state of mind”. However, one must not underestimate the mind of the young ones. Albeit differ from

 the maturity and the skill sets of an established on, Gen-Y is those who determined to prove their point and value. Gen-Y is about reasserting their place/presence in

this world.


With the sole purpose of re-introducing the participating artists to their new audience, Gen-Y group exhibition will be curated with no specific theme that limits the

 narration of the artist. Aside from encouraging young artists to explore beyond their creative limitation in each respective capability, G13 gallery hopes to unlock their

artistic potentials to the extreme. It gives us a great pleasure to present you, Gen-Y group exhibition for the month of June 2016.


Exhibition Period         : 16th – 30th June 2016

Venue                            : G13 Gallery, GL13, Ground Floor, Block B, Kelana Square, Jalan

                                        SS7/26, 47301 Kelana Jaya, Selangor. (behind Paradigm Mall)

Exhibition Hour           : Open daily : 11am – 5pm (Closed on Sunday and Public Holiday)

Email                              : info@g13gallery.com

Website                         : www.g13gallery.com

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